Before embarking on our next phase, we, at Red Honey Magazine, need to take a moment to acknowledge a great loss and honor a great inspiration to our team. On February 25th, writer, Carrie King began her journey from this world to the next after a battle with scleroderma. Words cannot express the many ways you’ve impacted and will continue to inspire this publication, Carrie. You’ve planted the seed with your blog, we’ll be here to nurture it and watch it grow. Thank you for sharing a little piece of yourself with us. Mrs. Carrie Ann “Owl” King . . . July 20, 1980 – February 25, 2014.  You will be greatly missed forever Carrie, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Daughter, Friend.

From our Editor-in-chief, Linda Clark:

        “I first learned of Carrie’s passing, almost immediately, via Facebook. It seems that the internet is the fastest source of any type of information and news, including this type. I had been following along with her Facebook posts during what would be her final visit to the hospital. Have you ever been so bogged down with emotional weight that things just seem to come to a stand still? Things sorta feel numb? That’s how I felt as I was going thru the day-to-day business that needed taking care of. I checked periodically on her status updates, waiting, hoping for the best. I had some things I wanted to talk over with her, though it needed to wait until after she was well enough to go home. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as I hoped. She did, however, leave some words of comfort even as she fought hard: ‘It’s all in our Creators hands now. I have a lot of angels on the other side who love their Baby Owl so I know I’m being surrounded by their love in my difficult time. I am beyond grateful and dearly touched by everyone’s outpouring of prayers and well wishes. I thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.’

        I went to school with Carrie, had classes with her in junior high and my first year of high school. She was a good friend of my sister and that’s what I knew her as, my sister’s friend, Carrie. We got to know each other some during this past year and I found we had a lot of common interests. I would catch myself often thinking, man, why weren’t we friends sooner? In a way, I feel as if I’ve been on some type of journey ever since the day she passed. It’s been owls upon owls everywhere I look. I hear a good story, see a photo of something I know she’d like and I start to say to myself, I gotta message Carrie and show her this, or I think she might get a kick out of that.
        . . . And then I remember and I feel that loss.

        To her family and friends, I’d like to extend my most heartfelt condolences. I know she’ll continue to live on thru each of you. I’d like to close with Carrie’s own words, a lasting message sent as one of her final Facebook posts: ‘Be good to each other. It’s the only thing that matters in this world, believe me. Love the ones your with.’ And we do love you, Carrie. Rest easy now and know Peace.”

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on the “Inspired Blog” by Red Honey Magazine on 5/31/2014.

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