“Brown skin glistening in the moonlight. You run your fingers through my hair. Your hands caress my body and I don’t want to go no where. Late Saturday nights and lazy Sundays. It don’t matter what we do as long as I’m next to you.” —Lisa Marie Naponse, from the song, Brownskin

Those lines with her voice and that music. I think I’ve just found new music to add to my travel mixtapes. This, along with some Tom Petty, a little bit of Stevie Nicks, some pow wow music, and a few select others make up the type of music I like to play when I’m going on a long distance drive. It’s nostalgic.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how I originally came across OdeminKwe.com (Lisa Marie Naponse’s website). It was in my bookmark folder that I use to check on sites or news articles that plan to come back to when I have more time. So, dipping in that folder to find her music was a pleasant surprise.

Her music is Blues with Folk and a little bit of Country blended in and I love it. Like many modern artists, Lisa Marie’s artistic talent is not limited to music alone. She also creates artwork and designs by drawing.

I have three songs that have been added to my work day rotation this week: Ever Will, Brownskin, and So Sweet. Of the three, I have to say Brownskin is my fave. Take a little time, have a listen, and then tell me what’s your favorite so far?

Editor’s note: This was originally published in the “Finders Keepers” blog by Linda Clark on 8/28/14.

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