“Rez Girl – slang for a tough, smart, self sufficient, and motivated female from a tribal nation/reservation or simply just down with it all.  Whiners, manipulators, and self pityers  do not qualify.”

–Taken from Rez Girl Big World


So I actually went in search of a blogger early early this a.m. (I needed some help with the motivation factor on this fine Monday… anybody else wish they had a personal Starbucks barista waiting in their kitchen.) And I think I definitely found a keeper with this one.

The Rez Girl Big World blog began its journey earlier this year by Clara Pratte (Navajo). What initially started as a one woman show now includes posts from contributing bloggers, Danielle, a librarian and Maymangwa, a lawyer.  The posts are smart, fun, and sometimes serious…for me it was like having a cup of coffee with one of the girls.

My favorite post: Pretty Lucky – She talks about a stressful career and relationships and the turning point where she was able to reevaluate those stresses and  move forward on a lighter, positive outlook. It’s something I can definitely relate to.

My favorite quote: “Clean eating isn’t weird…”

In the spirit of the Urban Native Girl blog and its expansion into Urban Native Magazine, I’m thinking Rez Girl Big World has huge potential. All in all, the Rez Girl blog has a kind of Sex in the City vibe but for Native ladies and except, you know, it’s real women bloggers and so far, its minus the sex. Not bad for the Exec. Director of the Navajo Nation Washington Office (a position, that Clara opts to keep separated from the blog). A Red Honey girl can easily get used to this treat!
Editor’s note: This was originally published in the “Finders Keepers” blog by Linda Clark on 9/8/2014. The blog site has since undergone a makeover and Clara is now the founder and CEO of Strongbow Strategies.
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